Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring

My pedagogical work in the profession has focused around leveraging graduate student networks to improve the accessibility and inclusion in the discipline for scholars with marginalized identities.

Teaching the Hidden Curriculum in Political Science

With Colleen Wood. P&S: Political Science and Politics (2021).

The ‘hidden curriculum’ in academia represents a set of informal norms and rules, expectations, and skills which inform our “ways of doing” academic practice (Calarco 2020). In this paper, we suggest that relying on informal networks to provide access to instruction in these skills can reinforce pre-existing inequalities in the discipline. Drawing on a pilot program we developed and implemented in our own department, we provide a model for formalizing instruction and equalizing access to training in these professionalizing skills. Drawing on the literature on inclusive pedagogy, as well as our own implementation experience, we advance four recommendations towards scaling and transporting instruction in the `hidden curriculum' to other departments.

Hidden Curriculum Salons

This short course (initially taught Fall 2020-Spring 2021) adapts Jessica McCrory Calarco's phenomenal book A Field Guide to Grad School: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum for graduate students in political science. We combine a small amount of lecture with a series of self- and peer-led exercises to help demystify the political science PhD process, illuminate the discipline's "hidden curriculum", and help first through fourth year graduate students be strategic in designing their graduate school experience. Co-taught with Colleen Wood. Slides customized for Columbia University's PhD program and available for Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3, and Session 4.