Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring

Hidden Curriculum Salons

This short course (initially taught Fall 2020-Spring 2021) adapts Jessica McCrory Calarco's phenomenal book A Field Guide to Grad School: Uncovering the Hidden Curriculum for graduate students in political science. We combine a small amount of lecture with a series of self- and peer-led exercises to help demystify the political science PhD process, illuminate the discipline's "hidden curriculum", and help first through fourth year graduate students be strategic in designing their graduate school experience. Co-taught with Colleen Wood. Slides customized for Columbia University's PhD program and available for Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3, and Session 4.

In addition to these course materials, we wrote a short article about the role of peer-facilitated workshops to address mentoring inequities and inequitable access to professionalization and soft skills formation in the discipline.