Political Economy of Land

This area of my research probes the distributive politics behind different state strategies for administering and controlling land, from the creation of private property to environmental conservation.

Land Conservation between International Diffusion and Economic Pressures

With Ella Bayi and Maria Victoria Murillo. Manuscript in Preparation.

While Latin American countries have adopted protected areas since the mid-20th century, we observe waves in this process that can be associated either with changes in international norms towards conservation or with financial incentives, such as payment (or debt relief) by richer countries. This paper studies the incentives of Latin American countries to adopt protected areas by exploring the effects of norm diffusion and economic incentives, using a novel dataset built by the authors. We complement our quantitative analysis with a discussion of recent cases of creation of national parks in Argentina as well as subnational analyses of protected areas in Argentina and Ecuador. This analysis is a first step before moving into the study of domestic conditions for the adoption of land protected areas based on the analysis of a set of cases from the larger dataset.

Forging Exclusive Property Rights in the Postbellum South.

With Jorge Mangonnet. Abstract coming soon.